Wind Carrier; Pre-Alpha Demo 1.1.4

Hello all!

This month I felt like I was preoccupied with life things more often than I would have liked. I did, however, manage to add a few rather sizable new features. The most notable being the re-implementation of ranged weapons, only the throwing ax for now, and the ability to adjust your civilization in a much simpler fashion. 

I hope next month will be more productive. :p

Anywho, the changelog!

Change log, 1.1.4

-Updated the spawning logic for buildings that have an extra NPC 

-Updated collision for spawners and buildings and other such things to decrease the number of collisions that need to be calculated

 -Updated follower logic a bit

 -Added the ability for random civilians to spawn 

-Updated the random merchant's possible sell item list 

-Updated deck buttons to work only on click 

-Added weather! Sunny, Rainy, and foggy! 

-Made ranged combat a thing! 

-Re-implemented the Throwing Ax weapon class

 -Building management can now be done, en-mass, from the home building

 -Implemented 'dungeon' logic

-Vastly increased the number of encounters within the world

Player Updates:

-Different paths now spawn different starting buildings

 -Adjusted the PC tick to be stable 

-Updated the starting equipment of the mercenary to include the Vulpine Garb as opposed to the loincloth

Item Updates:

-Added Hardwood crafting material, dropped rarely from normal saplings

 -Added Massive Mana Crystal crafting material, dropped rarely from normal mana crystals

 -Re-added Primitive Throwing Ax, craftable

 -Added Crystalline Dagger, craftable

 -Added Crystalline Scythe, craftable 

-Added Crystalline Spear, craftable

 -Added Crystalline Throwing Ax, craftable

 -Added Vulpine Garb, craftable

Card Updates:

-Healing Well

-fixed a few bugs with the card which caused it to not spawn properly 

-Hummingbird Sprite 

 -Increased movement speed from 600 to 800  

-Increased healing per second from .5 to 1

Enemy Updates:

-Tripled the range in which killing an enemy has an effect on influence 

-Dragonbone Shaman  

 -lowered the damage of Thunder Egg from 70 to 45


-increased influence gain from .2 to 1.5 

-fixed a bug where it's stunned health percent was 50% instead of the intended 5% 

-Added the Vulpine Sundrinker enemy

Building Updates

-Added the Dyer's Table building, craftable 

-the Merchant path begins play with one

 -Basic Shrine   

-lowered civ cost from 12 to 6 

-Covered Shrine  

 -lowered civ cost from 18 to 12 

-Added the Trading Post building, craftable 

-allows the Wind Carrier to buy resources with mana crystals, the price varies by day

 -Added the Gruesome Trophy building, the first building which can only be obtained from drops

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a few tooltip errors 

-Fixed a few bugs within the new building management system 

-Items which cannot be used can now be broken down like everything else

 -Fixed the visibility of a few collision volumes 

-Fixed a bug where Alacrity and Crit Chance weren't showing up properly in the stat widget

 -Fixed a few other issues with the stat widget 

-Fixed a bunch of map tears and floating objects

 -Fixed camera collision with the ground 

-Fixed collision on a few meshes which didn't have it; namely the new rocks and the fallen log

 -Fixed a bug where the inventory wouldn't properly dump when starting a new game


Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.4 32 bit.7z 305 MB
Aug 25, 2017
Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.4 64 bit.7z 321 MB
Aug 25, 2017

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