Wind Carrier; Alpha 0.1.7

Hello all!

Looking over this month's changelog, it seems that there were a large number of additions to, well, most everything. Anyway, let's get to it.

Changelog, Alpha 0.1.7

-All buildings which offer no stats now have their description prefaced with "Decoration"

-Resource gain and mana crystal gain widgets now spawn in a normalized widget akin to the item pickup widget

-Retextured the grass for a final time (credits the wife)

-In the process of finalizing the civ stats icons (credits the wife)

-Added a new class of random encounters which have a lower spawn rate than average random encounters

-Random merchants now all have certain types of items that they sell that others do not

-Reworked random merchant logic to make creating new merchants quicker

-Only one of any given merchant will spawn now

-Upgraded the capabilites of the quest system to allow more complex quests to be created

-Updated the fern texture

-Updated the pine tree branch texture

-Added dynamic moss to the stone texture

Player/Civ Updates:

-The player can no longer spirit walk in dreams

-Lowered the delay between the last attack and the combo reset for melee attacks from 3 seconds to 2 seconds

-Spirit Walk

      -Updated the mats and post process volume so the spirit orbs are actually visible

      -Each orb now increases health healed by between 10% and 20%, up from a flat 10%

      -Each orb lasts longer now

      -Spirit Walk now ends when the player collects 100% health and mana

      -Spirit Walk can now be ended with Escape and Backspace as well as 1

-Health and mana regen rates are now tripled outside of combat and when not dreaming

-Added a bit of screenshake/hit stun when the player is hit

-Added the Fan weapon class

      -Medium range

      -Heavy combos provide refresh-able buffs

            -In order:

           -Armor Up


           -Atk Up

      -Buff effects scale on the player's damage and MDM or MCM stats, depending which is higher

Item Updates:

-Added A Twisted Spire



      -Has a chance to spawn Rockdancer's akin to the spell card, Rockdancer's Drop, every time the player attacks in melee

-Added Consielle Skull material

      -Drops from Vulpine Shamans and Sundrinkers

-Added The Gilded Ostaar head item

      -Greatly increases all production rates

      -Greatly increases population rate

-Added A Trickster's Hide


      -Dream reward

-Added Primitive Fan

-Added S'Hae Tyhpoon

-Added Crystalline Macuahuitl

-Added Bundles for each resource to the sales list of all bots

      -Each costs 50 mc

      -Contains a random amount of the stated resource

       -The amount scales based on the player's resource bonus stats

-Added the Miiriöyrä Väärääte accessory


Card Updates:

-Added Effluvia Gel

     -Dream reward

      -Massive explosion

      -Damage to everything

      -Negative influence when cast

-Added Condemnation

     -Upgrades from Effluvia Gel

      -Damage to everything

      -Large negative influence when cast

-Added Ancienct Stump


      -Tier 2

      -A simple wall until it takes enough fire or air damage; turning into an inferno or a heavy, blunt object respectively

-Added Crystalline Mountain

     -Tier 3

      -Upgrades from Crystalline fountain

      -A stack of three fountains, each of which fire faster than the original and at different angles, covering a large area with crystalline shards

-Added Iron Herald card

      -Tier 3

      -Provides the same benefits as Iron Eye, but none of the drawbacks

-Added the Upheaval of Stone card

      -Tier 2

      -Upgrades from Crack

      -after a delay, does large amounts of earth damage and either knocks enemies up or stuns them

Enemy Updates:

-Enemies stunned when about the health threshold are no longer able to be finished

-Added Väälhäiliilhiöynd


      -Lit. Pebble Collector

      -Heals self with piles of stones which its other abilities spawn

      -Gains armor as it heals

      -Bleeds with melee after it gains enough armor

      -Nature alignment

-Dragonbone Shaman

     -Now has a chance to drop the Witch's Crown head item

-Added the Crystalline Mushroom

     -Spawns swarms of smaller, projectile spawning mushrooms

      -Drops large amounts of stone and mana crystals upon death

-Added The Iron Herald unique enemy


      -Stronger and more durable than a normal Iron Head

      -Drops the unique card Iron Herald on death

Building Updates:

-Added Totem of Li'Kuntuu

     -Vulpine crafting

      -Large amounts of pop rate

Dream Updates:

-Added An Alchemical Armament

     -Vulpine aligned

      -Vulp influence 50+ required for it to spawn

      -Negative influence


-Added A Dancer's Descent

     -Dynamic (Saurian Rockdancer)

      -Saurian aligned


-Added The Gilded Ostaar

     -Vulpine aligned

      -Spawned by a random encounter with Fate

-Added A Trickster's Trove

     -Dynamic (Vulpine Trickster)

      -A veritable mana mine to those that are observant; something more akin to a deathtrap to those who are unwary

      -Has a chance to drop a large number of items from the burlap sacks scattered around

-Added A Lot of Water


      -Spawned by the quest of the same name

Quest Updates:

-Added A Lot of Water


      -Requires Feeding Ardor to be completed

-Added The Iron Herald


      -Requires Feeding Ardor to be completed

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where the mouse clicker icon wouldn't show up above the hand widget when adding cards to an empty deck 

-Fixed a bug where enemies stunned outside of low health conditions regained health when becoming unstunned 

-Fixed a couple bugs with the stat comparison widget in the equipment screen 

-Fixed a bug with quest spawning on load 

-Fixed a bug where at the end of A Few Leaves, the quest giver didn't actually take the leaves 

-Fixed a few bugs in the quest log


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