Wind Carrier; Alpha 0.1.6

Hello all!

It's been a bit since our last build, the changes have been slower for the last couple of months, but I think I've finally started to get back up to speed after the significant life crap that I had to deal with. So, with any luck, the builds will start to roll out once a month again.

Anywho, to the changelog!

Changelog, Alpha 0.1.6

-Buildings are now saved based on an offset as opposed to an absolute world position

      -Older saves will have problems with this update

-Updated the current meshes for: all the races for the last time

-Updated Kerankohora 75+

-If a player has unlocked racial crafting for a race, there is now an indicator in the influence menu

-Adjusted the location of the new card indicator for shopping

-Tho-to is no longer killable

-Reworked most of the light combo animations to feel as though they have more weight behind them

-Added all the remaining races to the code base

-Racial buildings now spawn villagers of the corresponding race, regardless of the player's race

       -Ex. Vulpine Campsites will now spawn vulpine villagers, even if the player is a Saurian or a Leonen

-Added the word "back" to the back button

-Worked on updating the quest log's functionality

-Quests now fail as the quest giver is killed

      -The player is informed as it happens

-Added Wargroups

      -Wargroups are scalable groups of enemies which spawn after the player has lowered a race's influence enough

        -The power and size of the group scales based on negative influence

             -Wargroups have a chance to spawn everyday, in the morning

             -Spawn within a certain range of the player

              -Will never spawn if no influence is below -10

-Added a wargroup random encounter as well

-Prepared the code base for civilization destruction

-Updated the random merchant's stock with new items

-Refactored the influence logic

        -In addition, finally clamped influence between -100 and 100

-Updated the signpost in front of player buildings

Player/Civ Updates:

-Reworked Population Chance

      -Works almost the same as before when below 100%

      -Above 100% there will be an additional guaranteed villager spawn per 100% of Population Chance

       -Ex. The player's Pop Chance is 210%. They will get a guaranteed 2 villagers/roll plus a 10% chance roll for a third.

     -With new changes to the population chance, the number of rolls per day has been changed as well

      -Civs under pop 50 will now have their population/2.5 rolls per day

      -Civs above pop 50 will now have their pop/3 to 6 rolls per day

Item Updates:

-Readded Kuutar Regalia

     -Now craftable

      -Requires Saurian crafting

-Readded Kuutar Hood

     -Now craftable

      -Requires Saurian crafting

-Added Lavaleaf Oil crafting material

      -Vulpine crafting

      -Used in other Vulpine crafting

-Added the Violet Mist potion

      -Dropped from most Vulpine enemies

      -Deals 50% of the player's currently health in damage to them then heals 100% of their mana

-Added Li Feather crafting material

      -Vulpine crafting

      -Used in other Vulpine crafting

Enemy Updates:

-Updated the drop lists for all the Vulpine enemies to include Lavaleaves and Violet Mist

Building Updates:

-Added the Blooming Bramble building

      -Vulpine crafting

      -Increases produce and clay rates

-Added Intermediate Vulpine Campsite

-Added Advanced Vulpine Campsite

     -Final tier Vulpine Campsite

-Added the Spirit-Fire Stake decoration 

-Added the Builder's Hut

     -Upgraded from Builder's workbench

      -Decreases generic material costs by 20% and specific material costs by 50%

       Note: The crafter upgrades will also get this treatment and the level 3 crafter and builders will get a further decrease in costs

     Note: Having at least one upgraded builder's hut will also decrease the material costs of upgrading all buildings

-Added Feathered Barrel decoration

      -Vulpine crafting

-Added the Feasthall of Li'Kuntuu building

      -Vulpine crafting

Quest Updates:

-Added the quest A Helping Hand

     -Vulpine aligned

      -0+ influence

      -Gives access to Vulpine crafting

-Added the quest A Special Breakfast

     -Vulpine aligned

      -No influnce reqs

      -Written by our playtester

EIR Updates:

-Doubled the chance for Kiwi to drop eggs

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where if the player dodged within any civ, including their own, the civ would despawn, then respawn after the dodge had been completed

 -Fixed collision for pear trees

 -Fixed the collision capsule of the crafter

 -Fixed some map tears

 -Fixed some water collision

 -Fixed an issue where the player could get underneath the mountain near So'ria'ra

 -Fixed a bug where the player could not interact with any widgets after completing Of Feather and Bone

 -Fixed a weighting issue on the Vulpine male's left wrist

 -Fixed a weighting issue on the Leonen female's LOD 1

 -Fixed the rotation on all the mana crystals I found


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Mar 27, 2019

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