Wind Carrier; Alpha 0.1.5

Hello all! I thought I was dead too!

It's been far too long since the last update. This one isn't massive as one would expect for 3 month's worth of progress, but here it is. We will be continuing with regular updates on a monthly basis starting again next month. 

Welcome back, Wind Carriers!

Changelog Alpha 0.1.5

-Player spells now react to the damage types of other player spells

      -Enemy spells now do the same

      -Water puts out fire, fire boils water, earth damage shatters ice, etc.

       -Note: Most interactions which are spawned this way, steam, for example, deal damage to everything - the play, their allies, enemies, other spells

-Adjusted the materials for weapon trails to look more appealing

-Upgraded the quest system to include 'counter point' quests

      -counter point quests are pairs of quests that only a single quests from which can be completed

-Every single NPC in the game is now killable

       -Note: As much as I didn't really want to do it, I recognize that there are those that would

-Added a new AoE decal, denoting projectile card types

-Redid the running and jumping animations

-Worked on the menu screen for a fair bit

-Added the beggar random encounter

-Removed all the default buttons from the quest dialogue widget

-Updated the Title widget

-Increased the base drops for stone from 3-6 to 4-6

-Increased clay base from 2-4 to 4-6

-Enemy health bars are now denoted by different types of flowers

      -Each type of flower now gives a level range for the enemy type

      -Ex. A health bar denoted by a daisy is between the levels of 11 and 20.

-Updated all the racial icons, credits to my wife

-Updated the functionality of the level up widget

-Quest NPC's can now have names

Player Updates:

-Lowered the heal on the scythe's level 1 combo from 6% of damage/tick to .5% of dam/tick

      -Increased the tick speed of regeneration from 1/sec to 2/sec

       -Note: Done both to mitigate the scythe nerf a bit and buff enemies that utilize the regeneration effect

     -Note: I have no idea why I left it so strong for so long. >.>

-Added the ability to be stunned by abilities instead of just from damage

Item Updates:

-Added the Glimmering Shall


      -head item

      -Saurian crafting required

-Added the MarshGlimmer Keratin and MarshGlimmer Scales material drops

Card Updates:

-Updated most spell effects to have at least one interaction with the new, upgraded system

-Crystalline shards now only pierce 3 times as opposed to infinitely

-Added the Crystalline Fountain card

      -Tier 2

      -Upgrades from Crystalline Barrage

      -Spawns a turret which fires crystals toward enemies for the duration

-Bastion of Ice

     -Now has a 4%/sec chance to stun enemies caught inside

-Crown of Ice

     -Increased AoE from 300 uu to 550 uu

      -Now has a 4%/sec chance to stun enemies caught inside

      -Adjusted tick timer and damage from 10 ticks/sec to 4 ticks/sec and from 1.5 dam/tick to 3.5 dam/tick, effectively from 15 /sec to 14 /sec

-Ashen Charge

     -The trail of ash left by the ashen Miirä'där now slowly shrinks along its lifetime

      -Increased the life of the trails from 20 to 25 seconds

-Added Cloudfall card

      -Tier 2

      -Upgraded from Refreshing Downpour

      -After a delay, knocks back enemies, dealing a small amount of damage, then creates a field which recovers the player's mana when standing inside

-Added Blazing Web card

      -Tier 2

      -Fires a projectile which becomes a trap if nothing is hit, once it is triggered or the projectile hits an enemy, the enemy will be stunned and everything around it will begin taking damage

-Added the Dizzying Cloud card

      -Tier 2

      -Upgrades from Daze

      -Leave a miasma that has a chance to stun enemies on tick over the duration

      -Has a slightly lower stun chance/tick than daze does on contact

Enemy Updates:

-Ember Father

     -Increased damage of breath attack from 8/sec to 16/sec

-Added the MarshGlimmer

     -Neutral alignment

      -Water magic

      -Camouflage ability

-Added Brass Haljuhurtta

     -Haljuhurtta variant

Building Updates:

-Added the Glimmering Bath


      -Saurian crafting required

      -Increases mana regen and population rate

      -Slowly heals the mana of a player standing near it at a rate of 5%/sec

Quest Updates:

-Added the counter point quest, A Vengeful Lot

     -counter point to Dangerous Farmers

-Dangerous Farmers

     -The quest giver can now be killed, either when first encountered or after taking the A Vengeful Lot quest

-Added the quest A Fallen King

     -Leonen aligned

-Added the quest A Wondrous Warpaint

     -Saurian aligned

-Added the quest The Fantastic Find

     -Vulpine aligned

      -Available from -50 influence and up

      -Found in Kerankohora

      -Unique reward (still requires implementation)

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where Crown of Ice wasn't properly attaching to the player's signet socket

 -Fixed a bug where the Thunder Egg card wasn't properly moving around

 -Fixed a bug where Shimmering Bubble wasn't launching as far as intended

 -Fixed the rendering type of a few tree foliage types

 -Fixed collision on a pond north of Kerankohora

 -Fixed a bug where the menu music wasn't looping

 -Fixed a bug where certain NPC's were turning toward the player when they shouldn't have been

 -Fixed a bug where if the player clicked to skip description text for a quest, the quest widget wouldn't correctly reset and would play the dialogue sound when it was a description and vice versa

 -Fixed the collision on the Leonen quest giver for Dangerous Farmers 

-Fixed a bug where the player was able to build within other civilization borders 

-Fixed a bug where racial crafting objects were incorrectly added to the crafting list 

-Fixed a bug where A Lost Staff was not able to be completed


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Feb 13, 2019

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