Wind Carrier; Alpha Demo 0.1.3

Hello all!

I know it's been a bit of wait since the last update, but here we are. :p

This changelog is a bit longer than usual, as one could expect, and there are a massive number of changes, additions, and quality of life improvements in this one. 

Anywho, changelog time!


-Mana crystal drops now change shape and color based on the amount in them

-Added screens for all the remaining tutorials

-Added a stunned animation for anthro enemies

-Reworked the Skills menu to be more readable and allowing me to have more control on its look

      -Each skill now also includes the minimum level and the prerequisite skill name in the tool tip

      -Reworked the Rituals menu to accomplish the same 

-Added some more sounds

-Fixed some resolution issues with the hand widget

-Redrew all the skill icons

-The icons for persistent rituals now change in the rituals tab based on the level of unlocked ritual

-Dropped items now have a particle effect to be more visible

-Added a different song for nights

-Increased the volumes of various UI sounds

-Added UI sounds for the tutorial widgets

-Increased the nav mesh size, fixing any crashes that that may have caused.

-Added elemental swooshes, pierces, and spins

-Added hit-sparks to anything and everything

-Added a moderate screen shake for melee attacks

-Adjusted some (read: most) attack animations to read better and generally feel better to use

-Added a back-plate to equipped items

-Increased the icon size for equipped items

-Adjusted the drop logic for items/materials from enemies.

      -Now there is no chance that larger creatures (Haljuhurtta, S'Hae, etc.) will drop nothing

     -The change has no effect on creatures that would only drop nothing or 1 thing at a time (Faithless Hound, Vulpine Ritualist, etc.)

Player Updates:

-Decreased the player pickup radius

       -Note: This was done because of a change a while ago which made all items pickup on touch. This way, it is easier to avoid unwanted items

-The player can now be stunned

      -The chance is dependent on the percent of health damage that they took

-The 'Take Skill' button will no longer show up if the player has 0 skill points

-When using a ranged weapon and not zooming in, ranged projectiles will now spawn 20 degrees above the player's line of sight

-Added the persistent Rituals Ursine Rage I-III

     -Akin to a berserker's rage, on melee attack, the player causes water splash damage that scales based on the player's lost health

      -Levels II and III also increase the player's armor multiplicatively based on missing health

       Note: With level III Ursine Rage and some luck, the player can become invincible

     -Level III Ursine Rage also makes the player immune to the new stunned status effect, regardless of health level

-Cards which cannot be cast with mana alone are now tinted red

-Added the Insufficient Mana tab to the card usage tutorial    -Outlines using health as mana

-Increased readability of card usage

-Drastically lowered the health and mana regeneration gained per level

-Added the skills Banquet of Spirit I-III

    -Spawns hungry spirits around the player when they are hit or deal melee damage

     -Spirits charge at enemies and explode, dealing AoE damage which scales based on player level and MCM

-Dodge now cancels the current attack

-Clamped the effects of MCM and Alacrity to 10% - 200% and 50% - 200% respectively

-Added the skills Bloodfire Engine I - III

    -The first unlocks a ritual of the same name, Bloodfire Engine

     -Bloodfire Engine converts the mana cost of cards into health cost at a 10/25/50% rate, allowing the player to gain the Sanguine multiplier on spell cards even when mana is more than sufficient

-Added a 'Dismiss Current Ritual' button to the ritual screen

     -Does as you would expect and cancels all active ritual effects

-Cards whose mana cost is higher than the combination of the player health and mana will now appear in a dark blue in the hand widget

Item Updates:

-Throwing axes now fall more slowly

      -Note: Enemy projectiles also got this treatment

-Added the Ember Cradle accessory

     -First equipment to implement the unique effects system

     -Has a chance, when player is hit, to spawn a patch of fire underneath the player which does level dependent amounts of fire damage to enemies

Card Updates:

-Added card art for Call Lightning, Capture, Pinecone Bomb, and Shimmering Bubble

Enemy Updates:

-Enemies now properly stop and clear their targets when they get too far away 

-Vulpine Trickster

    -Lowered melee damage from 45 to 35

     -Changed the preferred range a bit so it doesn't try to move INTO the player

     -Lowered the attack delay from 1 to .75 sec

-Saurian Treefeller

    -Now has a larger preference for ranged combat

-Increased the range at which enemies will despawn

-Enemies can no longer spawn as the player is

-Added the Ember Father Saurian enemy

     -Ranged artillery

     -Tosses explosive embers

     -Rarely drops Ember Cradle Accessory

-Added the S'Hae

-Adjusted the Leonen Iron Head's attack ranges to make it more consistent

     -Increased the size of his weapon collision as well

Building Updates:

-Added a water material that does not implement distance fields to the well water mat

-Buildings with a civ cost of 0 can now be placed regardless of the player's current civ points

Dream Updates:

-Added a checkpoint widget to checkpoints *cough*

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where dynamic dreams weren't properly streaming out upon leaving

-Fixed a bug where the player could sleep endlessly

-Fixed a bug where the loading screen wasn't loading when pressing continue

-Fixed a bug where equipping a second weapon caused it to disappear

-Fixed a bug where performing a second persistent ritual wouldn't cancel the first

-Fixed a bug in the ritual menu, where if a player selected a ritual they could perform, then without pressing the 'cancel' button, selected another that they hadn't unlocked, the would be able to perform the second, locked ritual

-Fixed a similar bug in the skills menu

-Fixed a bug where in the equipment screen, when unequipping an item, the hover text would remain

-Fixed a bug where the equipment screen hover text would become visible even if nothing was equipped in any given slot

-Fixed a bug where the scythe equip socket was 10 degrees off from where it should have been

-Fixed a bug where the talk widget was still disappearing too quickly

-Fixed a bug where: Fennoc Breath, Fennoc Gout, and Rockdancer's Descent were not rotating properly when used

-Fixed a bug where when upgrading a card, the interface wouldn't properly re-fill itself with cards

-Fixed a bug where projectiles had collision which interfered with their damaging capabilities

-Fixed a bug where the Atmospheric Fog actor was causing lighting issues

-Fixed Vulpine Garb's value - is no longer 0

-Fixed a bug where, if the player entered a cities stream range while transformed and then de-transformed, the city would stream out

-Fixed a bug where, when teleporting closer to the player, followers would sometimes spawn in the ground, forcing them to teleport infinitely

-Fixed a bug where follower widgets wouldn't properly despawn occasionally

-Fixed a bug where the poison from a combo level 4 dagger attack was despawning as it spawned

-Fixed a bug where some enemy magic didn't have a proper element assigned to it


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Oct 13, 2018

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