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Hello all!

It's been a while since our last update, about a month, in fact. We've had a bunch of significant changes since last time.  The change log, which is on the game page and I will likely post at the bottom of this update, outlines the changes. 

Among other things, the biggest changes include: the new male Vulpine mesh, along with the associated gender choice, the re-implementation of the 'Scythe' weapon class, the complete overhaul of the civilization building system, and the implementation of the quest widget. 

The civilization building system is up and running, as far as I know. The only problem with it is that most of the previous buildings are as of yet un-converted to the new system. I intend to release another update within two weeks or so with the full implementation of the previous buildings along with the complete update of all the quests to the new quest dialogue system.

But, that's all the info I have for now and the change log follows.

Until next time,

-Lucas Cady

Change log, 1.1.1

-Updated the Yurt mesh -Added LoD's for the landscapes -Added a small widget to the crafting menu, telling the player how many of the generic resources that they have

 -Added the 'Paralyzed' status effect

 -Added the Male Vulpine mesh

-Updated the Vulpine texture masks to a higher resolution, minimizing tears -Began filling out the world with creatures, props, and Eir encounters -Added a small particle to the manaladen lily of the valley to make it more visible -Added a loading screen

-Added a quest dialogue widget to better give the player an idea of what they are supposed to be doing

-Added the Buildings item class, along with the accompanying logic and drop mesh

-Completely changed the way that civ building worked. >.>

-Added a new section to the updates list: Building Updates

-Added a new section to the update list: Eir Updates 

-Added a puff of grass particle when collecting plants

-Added a wood-puff particle to lumber trees

Player Updates:

-Re-implemented the Scythe class of weapons Note: I reworked how the Scythe combo played out. Before, it had two empty attacks, one light and one heavy. Now it favors level 2. I've included a nifty flow chart for it below. I wanted light combo 1 to be more difficult to get to, with only one route. Now the player needs to choose between massive damage from the heavy level 3 combo or the quick, weak, light level 3 to get back to level 1 to heal. -Added heavy combo level 2 for the dagger in the form of a thrown explosive.

-Increased the camera rotation range -When shifting from melee to magic mode using a 'Shift' key, the player will now stop attacking or casting

-Increased the maximum distance the player can zoom out from 500 to 1000 -Can no longer dodge or jump while attacking -The mouse now controls character facing

Item Updates:

-Added the Lavaleaf Mantle, craftable

-Juicy Pear is now a crafting component as well as a potion

-Fixed a bug where it was healing 100% mana as opposed to the proper 15>#/p###

Card Updates:

-Updated several cards which weren't dealing with Eir encounters properly; Fennoc Fire and Hurriscale, to just name two.

-Adjusted the size of all the decals that show card AoE before casting to more properly fit the card's actual AoE

Fennoc Fire

-Slowed the tick from .05 seconds to .1 seconds

-Increased the damage per tick from .5 to 2 or from 10 to 20 for the full duration

-Decreased mana cost from 30 to 20

Shimmering Bubble

-Now stays put as opposed to attaching to the player

Thunder egg -Reduced damage from 45 to 35 -Added Call Lightning, a tier two upgrade of Thunder Egg Healing Well -Increased healing radius and particle spread by 50>#/p###

Hurriscale -Increased particle visibility Wall of Ice -Increased damage radius by 20>#/p###

Metal Mist -Increased damage radius by 20>#/p###

Building Updates***:

-Added Basic Yurt building, craftable

-Added Basic Shrine building, craftable

-Added Pear Tree, craftable

-Added Home

Enemy Updates:

Dragon Bone Shaman

-Increased walk speed from 200 (?) to a normal 500 -Updated the minion summon logic to be more reliable

Vulpine Ritualist -lowered the warning lifespan globally by 1 second

Note: I felt that the Ritualists weren't at all dangerous at their previous state. I could just dodge and juke around them without needing to really try that hard. I will likely be looking into warning spawns for all the creatures in the game. I have also been contemplating just using windups in animations to cover the warnings and remove the warnings entirely.  Vulpine Trickster -lowered the warning time of their base attack from 1 to .75 secs -Increased the warning time of their teleport from .5 to 1 sec -Increased the hit-box for melee attacks -Added combo levels -Combo level 4 now causes the burning damage, as opposed to every fourth attack (practically the same, but visually distinct now)

-Added body part drops for the Ilhkor'sei.

Quest Updates:

-Updated the following quests to work with the new widget:

-The Beginning

-The Lizard and Serpent

***Eir Updates:

-Added the Lavaleaf Eir encounter

-Updated the lavaleaf encounter. It's damage and range now increase as it takes fire damage

-Added the Black Arrow encounter, a large, poisonous plant with multiple offshoots which grow around it

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where items would be duplicated if the game was saved more than once in succession

-Fixed a bug where items which didn't require a specific material were uncraftable

-Fixed a bug where card effects would sometimes spawn outside of the AoE

-Fixed a bug where the Siieri tree wasn't properly taking damage

-Fixed a bug where the player could use cards mid-air

-Fixed a bug where the Ilhkor'sei would sit during combat and not stand back up

-Fixed a bug where the grass wasn't spawning properly in a few places

-Fixed a bug where the PC would occasionally fall through the map on load

-Fixed a bug where the crafting menu's return button wasn't loading properly

-Fixed a dozen or so bugs with the Influence system, mostly relating to properly updating the actual, saved variable.

-Fixed the tooltip for Simple Draught to read properly

-Fixed a bug where a few gathering points would disconnect the player controller. >.>

-Fixed a bug in the crafting menu which allowed the player to craft items they did not have the resources for occassionally

-Fixed a bug where the crafting menu wasn't updating the player's resource count properly

-Fixed the paralysis particle effect


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Jul 14, 2017
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Jul 14, 2017

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