Wind Carrier; Alpha Demo 0.1.2

Hello all!

Got a smaller update this month, but there's a lot of quality of life changes. Along with that, the Leonen are officially back!

Anywho, update time.

Changelog Alpha 0.1.2

-Added a foliage density option to the option and pause menus

-Re-added the Leonen race for player choice

-Added more sound effects and a couple of open licensed songs

-Changed the way that the quest indicator worked, now it stars hidden, but becomes visible if a quest is available

-Minor Creatures, depending on the type, now have a chance to drop various materials on death

-Adjusted card code to make it more efficient

-Increased the detection range for allies

-Adjusted the speed and various other variables within the building management system to make it feel better to use

-Civ Cost now appears in the overhead management widget for the selected building, along with the building interaction widget that spawns when interacting with a sign post

-Adjusted some code within the enemy parent class to make it more efficient

-Added a visual indicator for creatures over the player's level

Player Updates:

-After dying a non-Spirit Walk death, the player now has the option to teleport home instead of reloading the game 

Note: If a player home is not found, the player will teleport to the hill where the game starts

-Updated the dodge animation, along with adding left and right directional dodging

-Added Spirit Walk tutorial

-Once per minute, when the player would otherwise die, they will enter a mode called "Spirit Walk" where they will detach from their body and gain increased movement speed for the duration. Time will freeze for everything but the player and spirits will begin to spawn and the player can collect them. Each spirit will either heal the player 10% health or mana. Once the Spirit Walk duration has ended, the player will resume playing as normal with the percentage of health/mana that they collected.

-Added the skills Strength of Spirit I -III

    -Multiplies the duration of Spirit Walk, from death and from cards, by 1.5/ 2/ 3 times respectively

Card Updates:

-Added the Time Dilation card

    -Tier 1

    -Slows time for all but the player by 80% for 5 seconds

-Added the Spirit Walk card

    -Tier 2

    -Upgrades from Time Dilation

   -Added the Mana Overload card

    -Tier 2

   -Currently only obtainable from enemy Carving Dolls as a rare drop or as their capture, and as a rare gift from benevolent Carving Dolls

    -A Carving Doll appears and charges, taking mana from the player to increase the scope and damage of the attack

    -Explodes dealing damage to all in the AoE

Enemy Updates:

-Made Enemy AI more aggressive

-Updated the Leonen IronEye and Leonen IronPaw to work properly with the new meshes

-Carving Doll

   -Now has a 20% chance to spawn as a benevolent variant of itself

     -Currently, the only benevolent type it can spawn will heal the player significantly and may gift a resource. Afterwords, it will immediately despawn

Minor Creature Updates:

-Minor creatures now play death animations as well

-Added a death animation for the Kiwi

Quests Updates:

-The Windy Seas should spawn properly now

-Feeding Ardor should spawn properly now

-Added Dangerous Farmers


-Added A Few Leaves


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where cities that hadn't been built yet were still creating the city name widget

-Fixed a bunch of incorrect normals

-Fixed the lack of collision on the Builder's Workbench

-Fixed a bug where spawning within a civ's stream radius would not properly set the civ's influence level

-Fixed broken attack animations on the Vulpine Poisondrinker and the Saurian Treefeller

-Fixed a host of cards which weren't properly damaging everything that was necessary

-Fixed a bug where the weather actor wasn't properly attaching itself to the player when they used a transform card

-Fixed a longstanding bug where the Vulpine Ritualist would only cast Fennoc Fire at the player no matter their target


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Sep 02, 2018

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