Wind Carrier; Alpha Demo 0.1.1

Hello all!

I apologize for the relative lateness of this build, my upload speed has been atrocious today. 

Anywho, looking back at this one, there's a fair amount that has changed, hopefully, for the better. So, let's dive into it.

Changelog Alpha 0.1.1

-Grass is back!

-Updated the way that weather is handled and added the option for more types in the future

-Updated most wind-based spell effects (Hurriscale, Scale Dance, etc.)

-Optimized the aformentioned spells' particle effects as well

-Shrines now spawn wind priests
    -Priests have a lower chance to gift, but they only gift population normally
    -Have a low chance to gift Wind Priest Garb

-Once the player's home has been upgraded, random civilians have a chance to spawn as home-upgrade specific NPCs which gift different equipment and items

-All items are now picked up by walking over them
    -Their name and type is also added to the scroll box to the left of the screen as creature materials were before

-Unique items now have a warning before breaking them down

-Key items now have a proper warning informing that it cannot be broken down

-Can now break items down by right clicking them as well

-Added the main part of So'ria'ra, the Miirä'där city

-Updated Wandering Allies to work properly with the text pop-up widget

-Added a widget, which needs its own art, to the beginning of dreams to indicate its name

-Added the framework for implementing unique behaviors and conditions on individual items
    -akin to the way that Diablo handles unique equipment

-Spawners should no longer spawn enemies at the beginning of the day/night if the player is already overlapping them anymore

-Added a small animation to draw the eye to the mana crystal widget whenever the player gains mana crystals

-Added an indicator to shops and shrines to inform the player whether any given card is new to them or not

-Added a visual effect for the Crystallize finisher
    -Re-did the finisher icons

-Added traditional Question/Exclamation marks for quest givers

-Quest text now slowly prints

-Days are now 50% faster

-The quest log buttons now work on hovered as all the other buttons in the game do (or should)

-Increased the size of all material node particle effects and relocated them to a more visible position

-Finally remembered that I hadn't properly implemented collision during building placing and got around to that

Player Updates:

-The Priest path now begins with a Wind Priest Garb instead of a Loincloth

-Players can now use cards when their mana is insufficient by sacrificing an equal amount of health
     -Spell cards cast this way have their damage increased proportional to the health used
     -Cannot cast the card if the player's health + mana is still not above the mana cost

-Cards in the player's hand widget now only show up if there is something in the slot

-Card in hand widget now changes the color of the mana cost depending on whether the card can be cast without using health or not

-Added a Mana Crystal widget to the inventory screen in the bottom right corner

-A sound now plays when a dodge counter has regenerated

-Added Naturalize skill
     -Double positive influence gained, nullifies negative influence gained

-All skills in the skill tree are now visible regardless of player level

-Attacks with weapons now deal more randomized damage

-Health and Mana per level are now functions of Race, Gender, Path, and In Game choices

-Implemented a rudimentary targetting system
     -T: activate/deactivate
     -Keeps the camera focused on the target
     -Currently still in testing phase, will decide on whether it is a permanent addition after testing

-Added Ritual of the Dancing Shrines skill
     -Unlocks the ritual of the same name
     -Allows the player the fast travel to shrines that they have visited before, not including shrines placed by the player

Item Updates:

-Added Wind Priest Garb
     -Randomly gifted by wind priests
     -Offers little in terms of combat use, but increases the population gain rate by 10%

-Added WaterCloth drop
     -Dropped from various Miirä'där
     -Used in various Miirä'där crafting

Card Updates:

-Added the Ashen Charge card
     -Unique reward from A Single Drop
     -Spawns a fan of Ashen Miirä'där which charge forward, dealing damage and leaving a damaging pool behind them

-Added Pine Cone Bomb card
     -Tier 1
     -Can be harvested from pine cones high up in pine trees
     -Sizzles for 2.5 seconds, then explodes, dealing damage and sending shards outward

-Added Pine Tree Guard card
     -Tier 2, upgrades from Pine Cone Bomb
     -Deals damage to enemies as they pass over the ring of pine needles

-Added the Poisonous Deluge card
     -Tier 3
     -Does moderately more damage than its previous form along with poisoning everything that it touches for 15 seconds

-Updated Shimmering Bubble
     -Duration up from 5 secs to 10 secs
     -Now spawns a weak, stationary metal mist when popped
     -Mist deals 3 damage a second

-Fennoc Fire
     -Increased damage per tick from 4 to 20
     -Now smolders out after 1 second, leaving a small burning patch which does 5 damage per tick for 2 seconds
     Note: Gave the same treatment to the Vulpine Ritualist's Fennoc Fire

-Wall of Ice
     -Doubled range of effect

-Bastion of Ice
     -Tripled range of effect

     -The last strike now knocks enemies up briefly

-Healing Bomb
     -Increased heal from 50 to 100
     -Increased launch speed by 50%
     -Added a decal

-Healing Motes
     -Healing now scales based on the number of enemies in the AoE effect
     -Fixed a bug where it was technically unattainable
        -Updated the spell effect from a skeletal mesh to a particle

-Added the Vampiric Motes card
     -Spawns three swarms of motes
     -Latch onto nearest enemies and deal damage which is transferred, in part, to the player
     -If an enemy dies, they regain part of their lifespan and latch onto another
     -Evolves from Healing Bomb

Dream Updates:
-Added A Single Drop
     -found within the Great Cistern of So'ria'ra

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where, if a creature only had rare drops and no normal drops, they would occasionally drop null items
-Fixed a bug where, on load, the quest indicator would not properly change if the player was too close to the quest location
-Fixed a bug where the quest indicator for Put to Death wasn't properly being dismissed after the quest had been taken
-Fixed a bug where the quest receiver for A Lost Staff could spawn multiple times
-Fixed a bug where the hummingbird sprite wasn't spawning properly
-Fixed a bug with Saurian wandering allies, where they were unable to be rescued
-Fixed a bug where Erin, the enemy in Put to Death, could spawn more than once
-Fixed the aforementioned's animations and AI as well
-Fixed a bug that caused ranged enemies to miss more often than not
-Fixed some bugs with AI facing
-Fixed a bug where channeling would not remove a card from your inventory which you only had one of
-Fixed a bug where Ritual of the Circling Skies was causing the player to get stuck
-Fixed a bug where beehives would continue to cause damage even after destroyed


Wind Carrier; Alpha 390 MB
Jul 29, 2018

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