Wind Carrier; Alpha Demo 0.1.0

Hello all!

We have officially transferred from Pre-Alpha phase to Alpha phase, woo!

Other than that all I can say is here's the changelog. 

Changelog Alpha 0.1.0

-Purchasing from shops and crafting from crafters now increases influence

-Worked on Dreams logic and stability      -As far as I am aware, they are working 100% as intended now

-Updated Completed Dream saving to be more stable

-Added a fair amount of map to the north of Kerankohora

-Replaced some missing animations

-Fixed a bunch of holes in the enemy AI's logic, causing them to be much more consistent

-All random merchants now always sell capture cards

-Finally adjusted the sun to rotate properly

-Found and deleted another lost directional light

-Added a "Shrines" tutorial

-Readded Channeling

       -Now channeled cards grant the player Consielle Tears based on their tier

        -1 for 1

        -3 for 2

        -5 for 3

-Added more sounds

-Particles now spawn at the location of a hit

Player Updates:

-Added Scarification II - V skills

-The player now has a limited number of dodges they can perform

     -Starts at 2 dodges

     -Base recharge is 1/ 6 seconds

-Dodges now have a 1 second cooldown

-Added Nimble I - III skills

      -Each adds to the max number of dodge charges

-Added Recuperation I - III skills

     -Each decreases the time each charge takes to recharge

-Health and Mana gained on level is now also tied to player level along with current maxes

-Lowered exp requirements substantially

-Resource rates now apply to resources collected by the player and those dropped by enemies. This also effects mana crystals.

     -From enemies, the bonus is 25% normal

     -From nodes, the bonus is 66% normal 

Note: Reasoning; I wanted the bonus to apply more to actions the player takes, as opposed to those randomly given to them. The decision to add these bonuses to all sources of resources/crystals comes from personally feeling like wearing/placing items that give bonuses to gathering was overshadowed by combat orientation. Hopefully, this will change that.

-During character creation, the camera now snaps to the face for eye choices

-Adjusted the merchant starting deck to include 2 capture cards

-The card projectile now flies properly

-Added card toss animation

-Attacking with your weapon sheathed now unsheathes it

-Markings are now 100% interchangeable

-Added a few more patterns

-Made the entire affair more readable and usable by giving each pattern their own icon

Item Updates:

-Re-added the Harvester's Pouch

    -Increases produce rate by 50%

     -Rarely gifted by Farmers

-Added Woodsmans Ax

    -Throwing Ax

     -Slow, Strong

     -Rarely gifted by Woodsmen

-Added the Ilhkor'sei Kilt clothing item

          -Craftable under both Vulpine and Saurian crafting

Card Updates:

-Added Miirä'där WaterCarver follower card

-Added Splash spell card

     -tier 1


-Added Undertow spell card

     -tier 2


     -upgrades from Splash

-Added Torrent spell card

     -tier 3


     -upgrades from Undertow

-Added the Capture card

        -Creates an area on the ground which holds the first enemy that touches it for 2.5 seconds

        -Deals a small amount of damage

        -If it kills the enemy or the player is lucky, it will capture the enemy in itself, removing itself from the player's deck and dropping a copy of the enemy in card form

-Vulpine Ritualist follower

     -Increased base health from 80 to 100

-Added Ritualist Cabal card 

    -Spawns a buffed Vulpine Ritualist which, in turn, spawns two more normal Ritualists

     -Costs 35 mana less than casting three Vulpine Ritualist cards (at 100% MCM)

Enemy Updates:

-Added Miirä'där WaterCarver enemy

     -Tough spell caster


     -Uses water magic

-Added the Carving Doll

    -Early game night enemy

     -Contains a sigil in its chest which informs the player of its abilities

     -Currently only "mana" sigil is implemented

     -Allows the carving doll to absorb mana from the player and causes a massive explosion based on the amount absorbed

-Added more Cherished One spawns

-Added more WitheredLeaf spawns

Dream Updates:

-Added A Stormy Night

   -Static type, found north of Kerankohora

     -First true platforming dream

Building Updates:

-Added Niir'nite Vaare

    -Lit. "Sleepy Wood"


     -Unique reward from A Stormy Night

     -Spawns a pair of Carving Doll guards

     -Contains an AoE effect that deals high amounts of spirit damage over time

-Farms now spawn farmers, which give only produce as gifts along with having a small chance to drop the Harvester's Pouch accessory

-Added Lumber Camp building

     -Increases lumber rate

     -Spawns a woodsman which gifts lumber with the possibility of the Woodsmans Ax throwing ax

     -Spawns a lumber tree that the player can cut once per day

-Pear Tree

    -Updated mesh

     -Can now be picked, cut down, then the stump destroyed

     -Will regrow from stump -> tree -> fruit, one step per day

     -Destroyed if stump is cut

     -Cutting the stump gives a large chance for hardwood

-Added the Crafter's Table

       -Houses a crafter

        -On that note: removed the crafter that just existed in the starting hill

Bug Fixes:

-fixed a bug where material nodes weren't showing the proper icon

-fixed a bug with influence gain from enemies that caused it to work erratically

-fixed a bug where the Haljuhurtta wasn't properly dropping materials

-fixed a half dozen stop points in enemy AI

-fixed a bug where the mana crystals gained and shown didn't match up

-fixed a bug where the level multiplier for mana crystal gain wasn't being properly added

-fixed a bug where followers that were following the player had jittery movement

-fixed a bug where Vulpine Ritualist followers were not properly using their Fennec Fire spell

-fixed a bug where the card aoe actor would snap to 0.0.0 if there was no hit found from the line trace

-fixed a bug where follower spawning was inaccurate because of a lost, forgotten bit of code

-fixed a host of bugs with the Throwing Ax

-fixed a bug where the new upgrade widget wasn't dumping itself properly before adding more to it

-fixed a bug where A Ritualist's Respite wasn't streaming in properly

-fixed a bug where the final teleporter for A Ritualist's Respite wasn't pointing at anything, thus sent the player back to 0.0.0

-fixed a bug where upgrading to the second tier of player homes didn't properly increase the player's stats

-fixed a bug where eye color wasn't being displayed properly

-fixed a bug where there was no water in either level of the well

-removed some map tears

-grounded some floating trees

-fixed a bug where if a wandering ally spawned for the first time while the game was being loaded, it would add the tutorial to the screen, but wouldn't allow the player to dismiss it

-fixed a bug where the tutorial quests were completable without actually building anything

-fixed a bug where if the daily resource gain widget spawned while the player was in a quest menu, it would cause the player to be unable to continue interacting with the quest widget

-fixed a bug where the "Remove from deck" button was unclickable

-fixed a bug where recycled npc would spawn as the wrong race

-fixed a bug where the Vulpine builder wasn't spawning properly in Kerankohora


Wind Carrier, Alpha 0.1.0, 32 bit.7z 376 MB
Jun 09, 2018
Wind Carrier, Alpha 0.1.0, 64 bit.7z 389 MB
Jun 09, 2018

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