Wind Carrier; Demo 1.2.2

Hello all!

It seems like every time I upload a new build, the changelog is longer and filled with more important changes; and this changelog isn't any different. 

There were a couple of huge, horrible bugs that were caused by our recent shift to level streaming for the NPC civs and I am happy to report that the streaming is now working entirely as intended (as far as I know.) There could still be some odd things with it, but, from my and our play tester's testing, none have been found yet. 

A lot of big fixes happened this month, along with a fair number of new additions. We've begun transitioning some of the older assets to more permanent ones in anticipation of moving to the alpha phase of development. We've also been working on some optimizations and giving functionality to menus and the like that had been lacking previously. 

There is, however, one new bug, which is the lack of grass. I tried for about an hour before I gave up for now. I had to change some settings in the landscape material and then afterword, the grass maps no longer wanted to build. I'll have it fixed by next month (hopefully,) so no worries.

Anywho, onto the changelog!

Changelog 1.2.2

-I can finally say, with confidence, that the follower AI is up to snuff

-Fixed that awful city spawning bug

-Added a particle system for the crystallize finisher

-Added civ management tutorial

-Re-enabled anti-aliasing which had been disabled for some reason

-Added a particle effect to bot spawning

-Adjusted the can-build star above buildings to be readable

-Added a small particle effect for when the can-build star appears and disappears

-Added the Sundered status effect

-Removed channelling from the shrine menu as it has been taken over by a similar function in the inventory menu

-Updated card upgrading to work off from a system of arrays as opposed to a set number of upgrades

-Updated the card upgrading widget to display all the relevant information to the player

-Replaced the "Materials" tab in the menu with "Civ Info" tab, which displays all relevant civ statistics along with the contents of the removed materials tab

-Fixed Kerankohora's location

-Added a new type of spawner that spawns either during the day or the night and only resets during its respective time

-Preliminarily re-added the Female Leonen to keep Ardor from being desolate

-Wandering allies should properly spawn in the player's race

-Added a Wandering Ally tutorial for the first time one spawns

-Had to temporarily disable grass since UE4 seems not to want to build it at all anymore

-Added a crafting confirmation widget to the crafting menu

-Added items stats to purchasing and crafting windows

-Followers should probably teleport to the player after reaching a sufficient distance

-Added a "subdued" animation for anthro characters along with the logic to implement it with all the others as the animation get finished

-Cleaned the hell out of the game, like, tossing dozens of files that were unneeded

-Finished reworking the last skeleton

-Finished up all the redoing all the old animations

-Changed health bars to 3D

-Added the Macuahuitl weapon class! 

           -Large and thus slow

           -Higher than average damage and reach

           -All attacks cause a new status effect, bleed, which does a percent of damage based on the afflicted member's remaining health, reduced               by armor.

-Reduced the attack speed of all attacks across the board

-Added the brigand bot type which spawns from gruesome trophies

            -Always drops a higher than average amount of mana crystals when gifting to the Wind Carrier

-Increased the distance by which dealing with enemies will influence a civ

-Changed the quest dialogue widget to be unclickable

-Enemies no longer wait 5 seconds during combat randomly

-Increased the size of butterflies

-Added a quit confirmation button

-Added saving and loading to the pause menu

-Finished and updated all the Master Path descriptions

Player Updates:

-Updated the deck screen to include all of the relevant information about each card in it

-Also finally updated the slots to work on hovered as opposed to on click 

-Adjusted the Clergy path's starting deck to include 2 Daze cards

-Added the ability for the player to sleep until the next morning, granting daily bonuses to resources and possible population

     -done from beds included in each player home variant

     -has a 90 second cooldown

     -also fully heals the player

-Updated the way the ranged indicator particles worked to increase stability

-Readded and fixed tumble

-Added eye customization

Item Updates:

-Readded Hunter's Garb

         -Added a variant for every body type

-Vulpine Garb

          -Added a variant for every body type

-Added the Poisoner's Flask accessory

-Readded Economic Backpack accessory

         -sold randomly by traveling merchants

-Added the Primitive Macuahuitl

Card Updates:

-Added art for Wall of Ice

-Added art for Refreshing Cloud

-Added art for Fennoc Breath

-Added art for Daze

-Added Hummingbird WitheredLeaf summon card

    -upgrades from Hummingbird Sprite

    -heals as before plus causing an AoE debuff and minor spirit damage

-Rockdancer's Descent now spawns a Saurian to use its drop attack

      -Changed damage scaling from 2x player damage to 2.5x player damage

      -If the player has a spear equipped, the damage is 4x player damage instead

-Fennoc Gout now spawns a Vulpine fire-breather

    -updated the particle system

    -increased mana cost from 110 to 180 as it no longer costs health to cast

    -now spawns 3-5 Hummingbird fire-sprites, up from 3

-Re-implemented the Daze card

    -has a chance based off from the target's remaining health percent to stun them

    -slowly homes toward a target

    -does a small amount of spirit damage on failure to stun

-Added AoE for Crashing Sky

-Added AoE for Fennec Meteor

Enemy Updates:

-Stun now lasts from 6 to 10 seconds, up from 3.5 to 10

     -Now restores 15%-35% of health on recovery, down from 15%-50%

-Crystallize now gives no positive influence in any case

-Adjusted the meshes for the Hummingbird race

-Added Hummingbird WitheredLeaf enemy

    -heals enemies in range

    -causes a stacking sunder on targets along with small amounts of damage

    -has a short range teleport


    -Increased melee collision sizes

     -Adjusted movement constraints to be more in line with its current size


    -Adjusted logic to work better

     -Increased damage of breath from 1/tick to 2.5/tick

     -Decreased breath length from 2.5 secs to 1.4 secs

     -Increased duration of mist from 5 to 15 seconds

     -Lowered the AoE for the mist

     -Changed particle system to be more opaque

     -Adjusted damage radius for charge attack

-Cherished One

    -Has now been properly added

     -Will require some testing

     -It was the clothing data that was causing the mesh to get hidden as it attacked. >.>


    -Changed all damage to Earth damage

     -Decreased fire and earth damage resistance

     -Saplings are now more efficient in their damage and logic

     -Saplings now spawn more efficiently

     -Can now drop hardwood and the Poisoner's Flask accessory

-Vulpine Sundrinker

    -Updated with new anims and a proper scorched warpaint

     -Now mildly favors ranged combat


    -Updated with a new mesh and animations

     -added a myriad of effects to their attacks

-Vulpine Ritualist

          -Now has more attacks, most of which utilize root motion properly

-Saurian Rockdancer

        -Works with new mesh now

         -Can now drop: Crystalline Spear, Necklace of Tides, and Hunter's Garb 

-Saurian Treefeller

         -Works with new mesh now

         -Now properly favors ranged combat over melee

-Vulpine Poisondrinker

        -Works with new mesh

         -Can now drop: crystalline spear, poisoner's flask, and birdskull necklace

-Dragonbone Shaman

         -Works with the new mesh

          -Updated the logic

          -Has it's own animation set now

Bug Fixes:

-fixed a bug where if the player finished an enemy as they became unstunned, the enemy would continue to attack until it was removed by garbage collection

-fixed a bug where hummingbird sprites weren't spawning properly as permanent followers

-fixed a bug where enemies continued to take continuous damage (eg. poison, burning) after death

-fixed a bug where destroying a folgolla tree infested with ficblaed whelps would leave the whelps floating in the air

-cleared up some map tears and floating objects

-fixed a bug where placing buildings would sometimes cause the camera to not snap back to the player

-fixed a bug where items that had more than one specific item were uncraftable

-fixed a bug where the Vulpine Poisondrinker permanent follower was able to die

-fixed a bug where A Ritualist's Respite wasn't loading properly

-fixed a bug where casting with the right mouse was causing the spell to either fail or spawn in the wrong location

-fixed a bug where some enemies weren't able to move properly

-fixed a bug where Ritual of the Circling Skies was enabled by default

-fixed a bug where Civs wouldn't stream properly if the player was overlapping them on loading the game

-fixed some main menu bugs

-fixed a few map tears and floating trees

-fixed a bug where the wandering ally wasn't turning toward the player as they were rescued


Wind Carrier, Demo 32 524 MB
May 04, 2018
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May 04, 2018

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