Wind Carrier; Pre-Alpha Demo 1.1.0

Hello all!

It's been a bit since our last devlog and update, but here we are!

Since last we met, there have been a laundry list of large changes, which are all outlined below. So, here it is. :p

Change log, 1.1.0

-The Temple was always intended to be a bit of an important landmark for the Wind Carrier. I have several functions in mind for it, other than the ones which are already added. Before now it didn't add a bunch; I'm not even sure it did anything other than look pretty. But now:
 -The Temple civilization upgrade now allows the player to sacrifice resources to increase/decrease influence levels to discovered civilizations. As the temple levels up, the Wind Carrier will be able to invoke more powerful and more efficient sacrifices, making spreading their influence and their will that much simpler.
 -The Temple now allows you to permanently summon a card as a follower. By placing a card onto the dais of the temple, the Wind Carrier can summon the being dwelling within for as long as they choose. If the summonee would fall in combat, they will rise anew a short while later. And at any time, the Wind Carrier can return to the temple and remove the card, dismissing the follower and allowing them to place a different card atop it.
-Added weapon/item type icons to the pick-up item widget for better readability
-Updated the way the enemy magic usage works, making it much more precise
-Added an Alacrity stat to all characters within the game. The higher the stat, the faster their attacks will execute.
-Added some particle effects to a few animations
-Added animations for the Vulpine female
-Completed the base spear anims
-Completed the base dagger anims

Player Updates:

-Updated the player to work with the new Vulpine mesh
-Added the Crit Chance stat, does exactly what you'd expect. :p
-Updated the stats menu to include Alacrity and Crit Chance
-Finished and implimented the color chooser logic 
-Finally got the dodge to work as intended, I think >.>
-Moderately increased the size of the dagger hitbox
-Added a camera zoom function mapped to the mouse wheel

Item Updates:

-Updated the Vulpine Skull Mask to work with the new mesh
-Decreased armor from 10 to 5
-Now increases health by 10

Card Updates:

-Hummingbird Sprite
-Added an AoE decal for the healing range

Enemy Updates:

-Added a charge attack

-Updated the Faithless/Faithful Hounds to work with the new melee system

-Vulpine Trickster
-Switched to the new mesh
-Decreased melee damage from 60 to 45
-Decreased warning delay from 2 to 1 sec

-Added the Ilhkor'sei, an air/earth hybrid creature

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where a blooming Siieri wouldn't drop it's seedpod when gathered.
-Fixed a bug where the Faithful Hound would target allies as opposed to enemies
-Finally fixed that damn bug where the weapon the Wind Carrier had equipped wouldn't properly load
-Fixed a bug which caused jittery movement in some enemies
-Fixed a bug where the player wouldn't have a delay after attacking with the dagger
-Fixed a bug where permanently summoned followers spawned at the starting spawn point
-Fixed a bug where the drop type mesh would not fit the type of drop
-Fixed a bug where the base mushroom wasn't healing properly
-Fixed a bug where items would duplicate on unequip

Our account only updates whenever a new build is released, if you'd like more frequent Wind Carrier related information, you can get weekly updates from our blog here.


Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.0 32 bit.7z 262 MB
Jun 16, 2017
Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.0 64 bit.7z 277 MB
Jun 16, 2017

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