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Hello all!

This update is a bit later than anticipated, but here it is!

For those of you who get all your Wind Carrier related news from here, we added a new artist to the team. We have been discussing everything in detail for the past few days and today he gave me the first of his concepts - which were fantastic. I am quite excited to actually get some of his work, well, in the works. 

Anywho, the changelog for this demo is below!

Changelog 1.2.1

-Added a pop-up to the upgrade option for buildings, which details how much it costs and the amount of the resources in question that you have

- Added a more efficient means of adding quests

-Added more grass variation

-Updated AI wandering

-Resized a few of the creatures

-Mana crystals harvested from the environment now scale with player level

-Increased the spawn rate of enemies and encounters across the board

 -Most smaller enemies should always spawn now; the same with most smaller  encounters

-Enemy spawners no longer spawn enemies near player buildings

-Added some widget art

-Updated enemy AI a bit

-Added the "Key item" tag to keep the player from destroying irreplaceable items

    -only the homes and Tho-to's Camp­ are currently key items

    -all key items also have a scrap value of 0

-Updated most spell effects to work properly with the cell post processing volume -Fixed some map seams

-Populated the map with more props and encounters

-Added new crafting materials

-Increased the likelyhood that a wandering allies will spawn

-Adjusted the cell post processing volume to stop it from making grass glow

-Random dreams can now be dismissed by pressing the 'F' key

Note: It felt to me that sometimes they would actually just be in the way if you wanted something else that was dropped nearby or simply didn't feel like dealing with it at the time. 

-Re-generated landscape LOD's that apparently didn't carry over the last time that I had to migrate projects

-Updated the reputation system to make more sense for the world size

-Added a few sounds to the menus

-Spawning near buildings that generate NPC's should properly have them generate said NPC's

Changelog 1.2.1 -Enemies now despawn after getting too far away from the player

-Officially added the minor creature class of NPC's

     -Has positive or negative effects on the environment, depending on the         Wind Carrier's actions       -None of them will be combative

-Finished all the equipment icons u.u Note: Now, as part of the pipeline, icons will be made at the time of the item's creation, not long afterwards >.>

-Civilizations are now controlled via streaming levels, making implementation for different levels much, much faster, along with destruction

-Added Equipment, Resource Collecting, and Deck tutorials

-Dreams now stream instead of load! This drastically decreases the loading times for dreaming

-Retop'ed and updated the Vulpine Female and Male meshes.

      -I noticed that there was quite a bit wrong with them both, thus I fixed them        -Rolling out new warpaints, armor, and animations should be faster with these    changes

-Added the Sauria (formerly unnamed lizard race) Female and Male meshes

-Saurian officially added as a playable race

-Races and genders now have different starting stats, with Vulpine filling the generic 'Human' roll and having the baseline stats

-Races and genders now have different mesh scales

-Added Folgolla Wood, Folgolla Sap, Kiwi Egg, and Blood Flower Bundle to random NPC stock

-Added a Hummingbird Merchant random encounter

      -Carries different merchandise than larger merchants

-Added card duplication via the Duplicator's Yurt

-Added the Transform card type

Player Updates: -The vanity camera is no longer affected by gravity

-Lowered Health/Mana gain on level from 3% to 1%

Note: This was done with adding more health/mana bonuses from other places in mind. I noticed that after I had equipped a loincloth and a vulpine skull helm at level 2 I had 137 health, which was much more than I should have had at that level.

-All paths now start with 10 cards in their inventory

-Player and transformations turn more slowly now.

-The armor stat is no longer clamped at 95, but it's effects are.

 -Note: This way, stacking armor is still effective against things like % armor drain.  Example:  Old: The Wind Carrier's armor is at 95 (old max), their armor is drained by 10%, their effective armor is now 86. New: The Wind Carrier's armor is 110, their armor is drained by 10%, their effective armor is now 99, which is still above the 95 max, meaning their armor is still at maximum.

-Added a small widget to the equipment screen telling the player what is actually equipped in which slot

Item Updates: -Added the Shale Glaive weapon

-Added the Folgolla Sap material

-Added the Folgolla Wood material

-Added the Shale material

-Added the Kiwi Egg material

-Readded the Crystal Ball accessory

-Readded the Necklace of Tides accessory

-Redid the Ritualist Rose warpaint mask

-Re-added Blossoming Pink warpaint

-Added Tepid Purple warpaint

-Updated the mesh for Vulpine Skull Mask

-Re-added and reworked Birdskull Necklace

       -now drops rarely from Tricksters and Ritualists       -Increase alacrity and crit chance -Added Ob'dar Wedge

      -scythe, craftable, Vulpine

-Added Ob'dar Piercer

      -dagger, craftable, Vulpine

-Added Ri'där Tail crafting material

-Added Ri'där Leather crafting material

-Added Ob'dar Crystal crafting material

Card Updates: -Added the Ori Transformation card

-Added the Crashing Sky card       -causes several small meteors to rain from the sky on player attack

-Updated Metal Shield card, renamed Shield Rush       -Now spawns a hummingbird sprite which pushes the shield forward, knocking              back enemies and dealing damage

-Updated Fennoc Breath card       -Now spawns a vulpine ritualist which stands and casts the breath spell       -Increased damage/sec from 1 to 7.5       -Increased duration from 6 to 7

-Added the Consielle Transformation card

      -Drops rarely from a circling Consielle

Enemy Updates: A Crazed Cleric     -Added the Tepid Purple warpaint to rare drops      -Added the warpaint to his model

Minor Creature Updates: -Added the Kiwi -Added the Ficblaed Whelp -Added the Ori       -Has a chance to drop its transformation when circling

EIR Updates: -Added the Folgolla Tree encounter

Building Update: -Added the Bloodflower building           -Credits to my wife for flower texture

-Added the Kiwi Farm building       -craftable, increases produce and hide rates

-Added the Duplicator's Yurt building       -craftable, increases mana crystal rates, mana regen, and population       -spawns a card Duplicator that can duplicate any card that the Wind Carrier has    owned for Consielle Tears. Legendary cards are unable to be duplicated.

Bug Fixes: -Fixed a bug where the player's scale was being set to their transformation's scale after de-transforming

-fixed a bug where unequipping an item would not remove the icon from the character sheet

-Fixed a bug where double clicking on a material in the inventory would remove it from the inventory. Usable materials, such as the mushy item, can still be used by double clicking

-Fixed a bug where A Lost Staff wasn't properly giving the player access to Lizard crafting trees

-Health and Mana are now properly truncated in the stats menu

-Fixed a bug where EIR encounters weren't taking damage from player weapons


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Apr 06, 2018
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Apr 06, 2018

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