Wind Carrier Demo 1.2.0 aka Long time - no see

Hello all!

It's been a while hasn't it? 

Well, we are set up in our new home, back in Finland, and we are back to working on Wind Carrier!

It has been a tiring few months, but here we are and ready to continue our journey! 

The changelog will follow.

Changelog 1.2.0

-Added a pop-up to the upgrade option for buildings, which details how much it costs and the amount of the resources in question that you have

- Added a more efficient means of adding quests

-Added more grass variation

-Updated AI wandering

-Resized a few of the creatures

-Mana crystals harvested from the environment now scale with player level

-Increased the spawn rate of enemies and encounters across the board

 -Most smaller enemies should always spawn now; the same with most smaller  encounters

-Enemy spawners no longer spawn enemies near player buildings

-Added some widget art

-Updated enemy AI a bit

-Added the "Key item" tag to keep the player from destroying irreplaceable items

    -only the homes and Tho-to's Camp­ are currently key items

    -all key items also have a scrap value of 0

-Updated most spell effects to work properly with the cell post processing volume -Fixed some map seams

-Populated the map with more props and encounters

-Added new crafting materials

-Increased the likelyhood that a wandering allies will spawn

-Adjusted the cell post processing volume to stop it from making grass glow

-Random dreams can now be dismissed by pressing the 'F' key

Note: It felt to me that sometimes they would actually just be in the way if you wanted something else that was dropped nearby or simply didn't feel like dealing with it at the time. 

-Re-generated landscape LOD's that apparently didn't carry over the last time that I had to migrate projects

-Updated the reputation system to make more sense for the world size

-Added a few sounds to the menus

-Spawning near buildings that generate NPC's should properly have them generate said NPC's

Item Updates:

-Added the Bedroll crafting drop

     -drops from Vulpine Ritualists

Enemy Updates:

-Faithless Hound hide drops adjusted from 1-7 to 3-6

-Haljuhurtta hide drops buffed from 5-10 to 8-15

-Ob'dar hide drops buffed from 3-5 to 5-10

-Updated the Sundrinker's potion explosion to work with the new cell pp

-Updated Brindlebark's seedling explosions to work with the new cell pp

-Vulpine Ritualist

     -Ritual Red is now a rare drop, as opposed to a normal one

     -Now drops Vulpine Bedrolls as normal drops

Quests Added:

-Added the quest Fresh Water

-Added the quest A Place to Grow

-Added the quest A Trade

-Added the quest Worshiping the Winds

-Added the quest A New Home

-Updated Feeding Ardor to work with the new quest system

-Added the quest A Lost Staff

Building Updates:

-Added the Vulpine Campsite building

-Added Tho-to's Camp building

      -Tho-to's Camp grows in power as you complete tutorial quests

-Added Material, Martial, and Mystical player homes

     -Each upgrades from the base

-Added level 2 Yurt

-Added level 3 Yurt

-Added level 2 Well

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where the rain actor interfered with the cell post processing effect

-Fixed a bug where Fennoc Fire was blocking enemy movement

-Fixed a bug where The Missing Mate wasn't working properly

-Fixed a bug where dreams were still dropping within dreams


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Feb 24, 2018
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Feb 24, 2018

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