Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.6

Hello all!

Another month, another build, and this time we've got a little less than the previous time! Woo. :p

And for those of you who get all your Wind Carrier news from, the wife and I are moving back across the sea - to Finland. 

So, what does this mean for Wind Carrier? 

All it really means is that the next build or two will be a bit lighter, probably akin to this build. There will still be a new build each month.

And then we will return to regularly sized builds in January. Even possibly larger as I am likely to have even more time on my hands than I do now!

So yay and onto the changelog!

Change log, 1.1.6

-Dynamic Dreams can now spawn

-Quest saving/loading is fixed!

-Added a widget to the end of dreams, informing on: experience, mana crystals, influence, and items

-Added the dynamic dream, A Ritualist's Respite

-Added a new crystal type, the white crystal, which acts just like a treasure chest

-Influnce levels now fluctuate randomly on each day (TESTING)

-Added a new type of spawner, an influnce spawner              

 -These spawners are a guaranteed spawn and the creature/enemy type is based on the prosperity levels of the civilization that they overlap with               

 Ex. At the 'Prosperous' level, within a Vulpine city, an influnce spawner will spawn a Vulpine Sundrinker, however, at the 'Destitute' level, within the same Vulpine city, it will spawn a Lizard Spearman

 -The player can no longer build in dreams

Player Updates:

-The player can now have a two weapons equipped at the same time

-by pressing 'Q' the Wind Carrier will switch between their first and secondary weapons

-to equip a secondary, the Wind Carrier will need to use the 'Equip Second' button in the inventory

-The player now can name themselves!

Item Updates:

-Added the weapon, A TreeCleaver, a scythe and the unique reward for ARR

Card Updates: 

 -Finally fixed Thunder Egg so that it doesn't 1 hit everything. >.>

Enemy Updates:

-A Traitorous Witch should now have the proper amount of health            

  -Can now drop Soul Crystals in addition to Sortien's Fate

-Added A Crazed Cleric, the boss of A Ritualist's Respite

-Re-added the Vulpine Poisondrinker which was inexplicably missing >.>

Dream Updates:

-An Earthen Sky 

 -Added a camera showing the location of the teleporter after all the necessary enemies have been killed

 -Added a few more props

 -Added a single, lonely loot crystal 

 -Adjusted the landscape to work better for what I had intended

Quests Added:

-Updated The Beginning to require two standard yurts, as opposed to an upgraded home              

-Re-added Tho-To and, thus, this quest

-Re-added the quest The Missing Mate

Bug Fixes: -

fixed a bug where the fliers in An Earthen Sky didn't have proper collision with the landscape 

 -fixed some floating grass 

 -fixed a bug where dream completion wasn't being saved properly

 -fixed a bug where dropped building items wouldn't spawn with the proper mesh

-fixed some bugs within the dream waking logic

-Fixed a bug where the dodge/tumble would double dodge/tumble the very first time that it would be used on any given map 

 -Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon over another would have the first weapon unequipped twice


Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.6 32 bit.7z 342 MB
Oct 21, 2017
Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.6 64 bit.7z 358 MB
Oct 21, 2017

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