Wind Carrier; Pre-Alpha Demo 1.0.7

Hello all!

I didn't even know this devlog thing was here! But, a new version of Wind Carrier has been released. Don't let the odd zip size fool you, it is still the whole of the game that we have so far - it just decided to be half the size that it was before. :p

Our account only updates whenever a new build is released, if you'd like more frequent Wind Carrier related information, you can get weekly updates from our blog here.

The change log from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 will follow.

Change log 1.0.7

-Added some new Eir encounters

-Increased the likelyhood of Eir encounters

-Rebuilt the influence system

-Updated the melee system to be more accurate with the timing of its damage

-Updated the inventory descriptions of items to include the stats, positive and negative, that would be gained by equipping it.

-Updated the equipment system to be much more mutable, making items with more exotic stats simpler to implement.

-Weapons can now deal elemental damage.

-Started implementing the new female Vulpine mesh

-Idle, walk, run, jump anims, Spear C1, spear casting, spear idle, death

-Most female Vulpine NPC's will be replaced with it as of now, including all merchants and crafters

-Updated the way that the animation blueprints play montages

Player Updates:

-Set up everything needed to have to player's melee function properly, just need animations and meshes. :p

-Set up everything for the new animation implementation as well.

Item Updates:

-Added Mushy Poltice, causes the user to regenerate health for 30 seconds, craftable.

Card Updates:

-Updated all cards to properly interact with Eir encounters

-Updated all spell cards with stable ticks as opposed to one based on frame rate

Enemy Updates:

-Changed the mesh and animations of the Vulpine Ritualist to the new female Vulpine mesh


Wind Carrier Demo 1.0.7 32 bit.7z 259 MB
May 19, 2017
Wind Carrier Demo 1.0.7 64 bit.7z 275 MB
May 19, 2017

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