Wind Carrier; Pre-Alpha Demo 1.1.5

Hello all! 

Demo 1.1.5 is upon us and the changelog is below!

Change log, 1.1.5

-Adjusted the visuals via a post processing volume and quite a bit of work on the landscape material

-Added a wandering ally class which will increase the player's civ's population if saved

-Updated the enemy Ai a bit

-Added two dozen wandering ally spawns; note: wandering allies can be killed by enemies

-fixed some map tears

-Lowered the maximum sell price for resources from 20/unit to 15/unit

-Decreased day length from 10 min to 6 min

-lumber trees, mining nodes, and mana crystals all leave remnants behind after collection

-finished adding meshes back to mesh-less NPCs and enemies

-Removed the nameless creature from right near the player spawn u.u

 -Fixed the Earth Rain spell (the ambient spell cast within An Earthen Sky)

 -Flattened out some of the landscapes a bit, allowing for easier building 

 -Adjusted building area collision to be more consistent

 -Added a widget  which appears when the Wind Carrier is near a creature which is stunned

 -Added a new skill, Crystallize, which used by pressing 'Q' near a stunned enemy 

 -Removed the cluster of NPC's at the base of the starting hill :p

 -Added the dream An Earthen Sky,  

      -Can be found at: X 65856, Y 39726, Z -1551       

       -Within the dream are two new creatures and a boss sjjenä, A Traitorous Witch.

Player Updates:

-can now double click to use items from the inventory

-Increased the max camera distance from 1000uu to 1500uu -Increased the camera zoom speed

Card Updates:

-Fixed the cards: Fennoc Breath, Fennoc Meteor, and Hummingbird Sprite

      -each were entirely empty, one of UE4's regular shenaigans

Enemy Updates: 

 -Dragonbone Shaman 

      -Added an internal cooldown to their summons

-Unnamed Earth Creature 

      -Added a bite and a slam attack

      -Worked on the mesh a bit

      -Fixed a bug where it could attack continuously

Building Updates: 

 -Added the Farmland building, craftable

     -the farmer begins play with one of these

-Added the Small Flower Garden building

-Added the Miner's Yurt building, craftable

-Added the Decorative Mana Crystal building

-Added the Sortien's Fate building

     -drops from A Traitorous Witch

Bug Fixes:

-fixed a bug where the Gruesome Trophy building was displaying the Basic Yurt building's properties

-fixed a bug where building's that the player started with wouldn't properly apply their stat boosts

-fixed a bug where the finisher widget would occasionally stay on the screen

-fixed a bug in the stat tool-tip where the damage was incorrectly shown when comparing items

-fixed a bunch of floating objects

-fixed a bug where bee hive trees would allow the player to gather wood from the more than once

-Fixed a rare bug where if the player gained enough xp to level as they were dying, their would gain full health and still die

-Fixed some UI issues within the building management widget

-Fixed a bug where Healing Well wasn't healing but dealing damage

-Fixed a broken texture on the Ilhkor'sei's eye

-Fixed the bug where the game wouldn't let a player use the 'Continue' button


Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.5 32 bit.7z 335 MB
Sep 22, 2017
Wind Carrier Demo 1.1.5 64 bit.7z 350 MB
Sep 22, 2017

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