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The changelog for the newest build can be found at the bottom of this description text.

Wind Carrier is an anthropomorphic, adventure RPG set in a realm in which each of your steps may have a massive, unintentional impact on the future of the world.

As you advance, you will learn the secrets of transference; transferring your consciousness forward or backward in time to another being, another host for your power. As a Wind Carrier, your character never really dies, but rather slumbers; seeing all of their power into a newer Wind Carrier when the time is right. You will be able to see the effects of your choices as each iteration brings the world forward a hundred years. You will watch civilizations rise and fall, wars start and end. And if you so choose, you may return to your previous state and right some wrong that you believed was perpetrated, but be wary. Changing the past can have unfathomable effects on the future... and the only choice that can be undone is inaction.

Wind Carrier's minute to minute game-play is set around a combo-based melee combat system, a magic system using cards of multitudes of types to summon beasts and magical effects alike, and directing the advancement of your civilization along with those that you meet along the way.

The game has been in development for a year and a half now, and we have made massive strides. It currently in Alpha phase of development. Our projected time-frame for this project of this scale is around three or four years at the current pace.

If you have questions, concerns, opinions, or bugs which you wish/need to share with us, you can e-mail us at cloudsofglassgames@gmail.com.

Changelog, Alpha 0.1.6

-Buildings are now saved based on an offset as opposed to an absolute world position
     -Older saves will have problems with this update

-Updated the current meshes for: all the races for the last time

-Updated Kerankohora 75+

-If a player has unlocked racial crafting for a race, there is now an indicator in the influence menu

-Adjusted the location of the new card indicator for shopping

-Tho-to is no longer killable

-Reworked most of the light combo animations to feel as though they have more weight behind them

-Added all the remaining races to the code base

-Racial buildings now spawn villagers of the corresponding race, regardless of the player's race
     -Ex. Vulpine Campsites will now spawn vulpine villagers, even if the player is a Saurian or a Leonen

-Added the word "back" to the back button

-Worked on updating the quest log's functionality

-Quests now fail as the quest giver is killed
     -The player is informed as it happens

-Added Wargroups
     -Wargroups are scalable groups of enemies which spawn after the player has lowered a race's influence enough
       -The power and size of the group scales based on negative influence
            -Wargroups have a chance to spawn everyday, in the morning
            -Spawn within a certain range of the player
             -Will never spawn if no influence is below -10

-Added a wargroup random encounter as well

-Prepared the code base for civilization destruction

-Updated the random merchant's stock with new items

-Refactored the influence logic
       -In addition, finally clamped influence between -100 and 100

-Updated the signpost in front of player buildings

Player/Civ Updates:

-Reworked Population Chance
     -Works almost the same as before when below 100%
     -Above 100% there will be an additional guaranteed villager spawn per 100% of Population Chance
     -Ex. The player's Pop Chance is 210%. They will get a guaranteed 2 villagers/roll plus a 10% chance roll for a third.
     -With new changes to the population chance, the number of rolls per day has been changed as well
     -Civs under pop 50 will now have their population/2.5 rolls per day
     -Civs above pop 50 will now have their pop/3 to 6 rolls per day

Item Updates:

-Readded Kuutar Regalia
     -Now craftable
     -Requires Saurian crafting

-Readded Kuutar Hood
     -Now craftable
     -Requires Saurian crafting

-Added Lavaleaf Oil crafting material
     -Vulpine crafting
     -Used in other Vulpine crafting

-Added the Violet Mist potion
     -Dropped from most Vulpine enemies
     -Deals 50% of the player's currently health in damage to them then heals 100% of their mana

-Added Li Feather crafting material
     -Vulpine crafting
     -Used in other Vulpine crafting

Enemy Updates:

-Updated the drop lists for all the Vulpine enemies to include Lavaleaves and Violet Mist

Building Updates:

-Added the Blooming Bramble building
     -Vulpine crafting
     -Increases produce and clay rates

-Added Intermediate Vulpine Campsite

-Added Advanced Vulpine Campsite
     -Final tier Vulpine Campsite

-Added the Spirit-Fire Stake decoration 

-Added the Builder's Hut
     -Upgraded from Builder's workbench
     -Decreases generic material costs by 20% and specific material costs by 50%
     Note: The crafter upgrades will also get this treatment and the level 3 crafter and builders will get a further decrease in costs
     Note: Having at least one upgraded builder's hut will also decrease the material costs of upgrading all buildings

-Added Feathered Barrel decoration
     -Vulpine crafting

-Added the Feasthall of Li'Kuntuu building
     -Vulpine crafting

Quest Updates:

-Added the quest A Helping Hand
     -Vulpine aligned
     -0+ influence
     -Gives access to Vulpine crafting

-Added the quest A Special Breakfast
     -Vulpine aligned
     -No influnce reqs
     -Written by our playtester

EIR Updates:

-Doubled the chance for Kiwi to drop eggs

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where if the player dodged within any civ, including their own, the civ would despawn, then respawn after the dodge had been completed
-Fixed collision for pear trees
-Fixed the collision capsule of the crafter
-Fixed some map tears
-Fixed some water collision
-Fixed an issue where the player could get underneath the mountain near So'ria'ra
-Fixed a bug where the player could not interact with any widgets after completing Of Feather and Bone
-Fixed a weighting issue on the Vulpine male's left wrist
-Fixed a weighting issue on the Leonen female's LOD 1
-Fixed the rotation on all the mana crystals I found


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found this bug in the map. Can I be a tester?

Thanks for finding that. I always appreciate when someone finds one of those. There are still far too many. >.>

But, we're always looking for more testers. Right now, we're looking for testers mostly to find bugs that we are unaware of and to test the newest content as it comes out to: find bugs, provide opinions, and help with balancing. 

Balancing and opinions are the two biggest areas that we're looking into right now for play testers. 

If this interests you, you can send an email to me at cloudsofglassgames@gmail.com or respond here with your email address so we can get everything set up and working.

You are welcome, I will send an Email instead. I don't want random people Emailing me. I want to give you an heads up that I have dysgraphia. It's a writing learning disability, so my grammar will be crap. LOL

Good thing I have grammarly for the spelling, and small grammar.

(2 edits)

when i download it the file doesn't work

edit: ok i got the game working it's not that bad but the optimization needs a little work.

edit again: it seems it doesn't want to load me in the world anymore i may have broken it

Optimization is something that we've been trying to get right for a while now, kinda of an ongoing battle to make it all work.

Our play-tester has been saying that he has been having problems occasionally with loading as well. Out of curiosity, are you running a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows?  

hey thanks for responding to my comment. i'm running on the 64 bit i think.

Hmm. I wondered because I'm fairly sure that it was something to do with distance fields that were causing crashes on our play-tester's computer as his is a 32 bit. I just yesterday actually got rid of the distance fields themselves in the name of optimization. It makes creating bodies of water more time consuming, but it is what it is. 

Did the game crash at all? Or just fail to load?

I've also been experiencing random load failure, even when working in engine. It keeps outputting an infinite loop, but the crash logs don't actually point me to anything; just to an 'unknown function.' I've got some ideas as to what it could be, but I've yet to actually pin down the source.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. :p

the game never crashed ( yet ) it just fails to load and then i get this weird broken map camera where i'm halfway thru the ground. recently i found some weird thing where this little menu shows up and locks the screen but i can't get rid off it. (i can't get a good pic of the loading screen freeze.)

I had found that bug too and I think I already fixed it, or I have decreased the frequency it occurs, at least. I'm not 100% what was causing it, but it hasn't happened to me since I played with the code for the player's home. And I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that I have fixed the loading issues on my end as well. 

I intend to throw a hot-fix up later today/early tomorrow since those two bugs in particular are pretty nasty, game-ruining experiences. 

I appreciate the help, by the way. If I could ask, how is the actual gameplay so far? Is it fun? Are there any areas that definitely need improving?

I like to think it's fun, I enjoy as does our play-tester, but we've both been playing it for years now through hundreds of iterations, so our vision could just be tinted. :/