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The changelog for the newest build can be found at the bottom of this description text.

Wind Carrier is an anthropomorphic, adventure rpg set in a realm in which each of your steps may have a massive, unintentional impact on the future of the world.

As you advance, you will learn the secrets of transference; transferring your consciousness forward or backward in time to another being, another host for your power. As a Wind Carrier, your character never really dies, but rather slumbers; seeing all of their power into a newer Wind Carrier when the time is right. You will be able to see the effects of your choices as each iteration brings the world forward a hundred years. You will watch civilizations rise and fall, wars start and end. And if you so choose, you may return to your previous state and right some wrong that you believed was perpetrated, but be wary. Changing the past can have unfathomable effects on the future... and the only choice that can be undone is inaction.

Wind Carrier's minute to minute game-play is set around a combo-based melee combat system, a magic system using cards of multitudes of types to summon beasts and magical effects alike, and directing the advancement of your civilization along with those that you meet along the way.

The game has been in development for a year and a half now, and we have made massive strides. It is still within the pre-alpha stage of production, but soon we should be moving onto alpha. Our projected time-frame for this project of this scale is around four or five years at the current pace.

Change log, 1.1.7

-Finished the female Lizard mesh

-Finished up a new post processing effect

-Added something that should have been there a long time ago - Wind :p

Player Updates:

-Nerfed health and mana regen growth from .5/level to .25/level

-Nerfed Spear H Combo 3 multiplier from 1.45 to 1.25

-Nerfed Dagger H Combo 2 multiplier from 2 to 1.35

-Combo now decays back to 1 after 3 seconds of inactivity

-Decreased the lifespan of Scythe Combo 1's regeneration from 5 secs to 3 secs (from 30% of damage healed to 18% of damage healed)

-The player now can name themselves!

Item Updates:

-Added the Wind Scarf accessory, craftable from Haljuhurtta parts

Quests Updates:

-Added the quest, Put to Death

-Re-added the quest The Missing Mate

Bug Fixes:

-fixed a bug where, when weapon swapped, the weapon being unequipped would be duplicated


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