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The changelog for the newest build can be found at the bottom of this description text.

Wind Carrier is an anthropomorphic, adventure RPG set in a realm in which each of your steps may have a massive, unintentional impact on the future of the world.

As you advance, you will learn the secrets of transference; transferring your consciousness forward or backward in time to another being, another host for your power. As a Wind Carrier, your character never really dies, but rather slumbers; seeing all of their power into a newer Wind Carrier when the time is right. You will be able to see the effects of your choices as each iteration brings the world forward a hundred years. You will watch civilizations rise and fall, wars start and end. And if you so choose, you may return to your previous state and right some wrong that you believed was perpetrated, but be wary. Changing the past can have unfathomable effects on the future... and the only choice that can be undone is inaction.

Wind Carrier's minute to minute game-play is set around a combo-based melee combat system, a magic system using cards of multitudes of types to summon beasts and magical effects alike, and directing the advancement of your civilization along with those that you meet along the way.

The game has been in development for a year and a half now, and we have made massive strides. It currently in Alpha phase of development. Our projected time-frame for this project of this scale is around three or four years at the current pace.

If you have questions, concerns, opinions, or bugs which you wish/need to share with us, you can e-mail us at cloudsofglassgames@gmail.com.

Changelog Alpha 0.1.4

-Bonfires and campfires now heal the player by 2.5% of their max health per second while nearby

-The skill point indicator is no longer visible when the player has 0 skill points

-Cleaned out an absolutely massive number of old, unused files

-The daily resources widget no longer pauses the game, it appears on the side of the screen, waits, then slowly scrolls downward

-EIR encounters and random encounters will no longer spawn if the player is nearby on load

-Removed a no longer functioning test dungeon

-Updated the shrines tutorial to be more clear

-Added a tips section to the loading screen

-Updated the typewriter text to no longer play a sound when characters between asterisks are printed, denoting a descriptive text, rather than a verbal one

-When dismissing a dynamic dream, the player will now gain a random number of mana crystals based on their level

-Added a smaller interaction to the world, simple yes/no decisions

-Minimized the chance that enemies/minor creatures/eir encounters will spawn under the map

-Finalized the external section of Ob Minaar along with adding a small, internal cave network that can be accessed from the top of the mountain

-Redid all the hummingbird meshes animation and equipment

-Redid some of the pine trees

-Added a new material and gathering node, Cervine Moss

-Updated the AoE mask

-Lowered the chance that it will stay raining if it is already raining

   -Similarly, increased the chance that if the sun is shining, it will continue to

Player Updates:

-Adjusted Banquet of Spirit I-III
   -No longer procs on player damage, rather player tick
   -Decreased proc chance from 10/20/40% on hit to 2/4/8% on tick
   -Adjusted the on player attack rate from half of the on hit to twice the on tick (from 5/10/20% to 4/8/16%)
   -Spirits now have a much lower rate of acceleration due to gravity
   -Spirits now can move up 90 degree slopes
   -Adjusted the spirit material to make them more visible
   -Similarly adjusted all followers to keep them from getting stuck

-Used and discarded cards now have the slot they occupied replaced as opposed to everything shifting down a slot

-When failing a dream, the player now has the option to 'Wake,' sending them back to the location in the world where they entered the dream while keeping xp, items, and crystals that they have found

-The dodge now transforms the player into a tornado temporarily, dealing air damage to those they pass through
   -Base damage is equal to 10% of player level

-Added the skills Cutting Dodge I-III
   -Increases the damage from base to 15/20/35% of level

-Can now switch between primary and secondary weapons while in the card use stance

-Lowered Stunned time from 2 to 1.25 secs

-Lowered the stun chance from 5% at max health to 1% at max

-The threshold for attacks that have no chance to stun the player now scales at the rate of 5 damage/ level

   Ex. At level 10, the player will not have a chance to get stunned when taking any damage less than 50.
   Note: This was done both to make lower level enemies less of a threat and to keep smaller tick damages from stun locking the player.

-Lowered the toss speed of throwing axes

-Experience to level is now:
    -(level * 5)((level/10)+1)

-Increased base produce gain from farmers from 2/unit to 5/unit

-If the produce that the player civ has is less than the population at the beginning of the day, there is no chance that the civ will grow

-Ritual of the Homebound and Ritual of the Dancing Shrines both now close the menu as they are used

Item Updates:

-Finally re-added the Hurttafur Vest

-Added A Fallen Fern
  -Deals earth damage
  -Unique, dropped from A Sodden Mount

-Added Saarnar Li'ieri
  -Fire damage
  -When the player is hit, there is a chance, based on the damage that was done, that a damaging AoE will be spawned and the player will be healed for 35% of the damage done. The chance is 100% if the player takes more than 75% of their max health in damage in one hit.

-Added Biting Blue warpaint
   -Default crafting type
   -Made from water berries and produce
   -Increases mana regen and decreases MCM

Enemy Updates:

   -Fixed the tick on the toxic mist it emits
   -Buffed sapling damage from 3 (?) to 15, also buffed their healing from 1.5 to 7
     -Buffed radius from 200 to 225 uu

-Adjusted Fennoc Fire's damage from 10 ticks/second and 6 dam/tick to 4 ticks/sec and 4 dam/tick (From 60 dps to 20 dps)

-A Crazed Cleric should now properly cast his abilities
    -His vine shot now explodes when hitting something, creating the bramble at that location
    -Bramble no longer blocks movement

-Updated a large number of enemies which were technically part of the wrong civs

-Updated the S'Hae's suggested level, currently 18

-Saurian Treefeller
   -Increased melee damage from 65 to 80
   -Increased throwing ax damage from 25 to 35
   -Decreased melee attack delay from 2 to 1 sec

-Hummingbird WitheredLeaf
   -Decreased attack time for both the teleport and the swing from 3 to 1 and 2 to 1, respectively
   -Increased alacrity from .65 to 1
   -Note: The player's WitheredLeaf follower got a similar treatment, though, the follower version technically got a bit of a nerf, as it was not properly waiting after teleporting away.

Dream Updates:

-Added area bounds to each dream that did not have them

-Added A Sodden Mount
   -Saurian aligned

-Added the dream Of Feather and Bone
   -Vulpine aligned
   -Negative Influence
   -Found in the caves under Ob Minaar

EIR Updates:

-Added Tiiru Tööräätenaaraa'idar
   -Lit. Shard of broken dreams
   -A dense, nigh indestructible tree
   -Deals 2.5% of everything's max health in spirit damage per second
   -Favorite growing spot of Cervine Moss

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where secondary weapons weren't properly being unequipped when equipping another
-Fixed a bug where EIR encounters were spawning at run-time instead of streaming in
-Fixed a bug where Miirä'där merchants were having their animations replaced with incompatible ones
-Fixed a bug where followers who teleported to the player's location would continue to attempt to move toward their previous goal location
-Fixed a few spawners which were under the ground
-Fixed a bug where text was being displayed too quickly
-Fixed a bug where the player could discard the deck into negative numbers
-Actually fixed the bug where a taken skill would still display 'Take Skill'
-Fixed a discrepancy in the damage window for spear light attacks 1 and 2
-Fixed a bug where certain skills weren't saving correctly
-Fixed a bug where multiple EIR encounters could spawn in the same place
-Fixed a bug where macuahuitl that were equipped as secondary weapons weren't properly being attached to the player
-Fixed a bug where when swapping primary and secondary weapons, the secondary being swapped would be duplicated
-Fixed a bug where a null card would sometimes be added to the deck when manually discarding
-Fixed a bug where the targeting reticle as being collided with in certain situations
-Fixed some scaling issues on the shop and crafter widgets along with some issues involving menus
-Fixed some rather egregious map tears (one of which was found by JonnyCrazyHound from itch.io)
-Fixed a bug where the player could theoretically fly by tossing throwing axes at their feet forever
-Fixed a bug where the resources gained widget wasn't properly clamping the values for the produce gained/lost
-Fixed a bug where the loading screen wasn't appearing when loading the game from the pause menu
-Fixed a bug where Tho-to was intractable from too far away
-Fixed a looooong standing bug where the menu required you to click it before it could be closed with any of the close buttons. [rant] Turns out they changed how the focusing worked and I must have missed it. It was literally just one tick box in the root variables for the damn widget. I am more than a little annoyed that this little thing was causing such a huge problem. It worked at one point a long time ago, but they changed the damn thing and probably just put a tiny side note somewhere about it in one of their changelogs. [/rant]
-Fixed a bug where, when Kerankohora's base level would spawn, the civ interaction menu would open. This was a weird bug. :/
-Fixed a bug where A Single Drop wasn't properly spawning the well water properly
-Fixed the position of a few quest indicators
-Fixed some incongruities caused by dreaming on slower machines
-Fixed a bug where buildings being built didn't have the proper material being set immediately
-Fixed a bug where named shopkeepers were spawning with the wrong animations
-Fixed a bug where named shopkeepers weren't showing warpaints


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found this bug in the map. Can I be a tester?

Thanks for finding that. I always appreciate when someone finds one of those. There are still far too many. >.>

But, we're always looking for more testers. Right now, we're looking for testers mostly to find bugs that we are unaware of and to test the newest content as it comes out to: find bugs, provide opinions, and help with balancing. 

Balancing and opinions are the two biggest areas that we're looking into right now for play testers. 

If this interests you, you can send an email to me at cloudsofglassgames@gmail.com or respond here with your email address so we can get everything set up and working.

You are welcome, I will send an Email instead. I don't want random people Emailing me. I want to give you an heads up that I have dysgraphia. It's a writing learning disability, so my grammar will be crap. LOL

Good thing I have grammarly for the spelling, and small grammar.

(2 edits)

when i download it the file doesn't work

edit: ok i got the game working it's not that bad but the optimization needs a little work.

edit again: it seems it doesn't want to load me in the world anymore i may have broken it

Optimization is something that we've been trying to get right for a while now, kinda of an ongoing battle to make it all work.

Our play-tester has been saying that he has been having problems occasionally with loading as well. Out of curiosity, are you running a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows?  

hey thanks for responding to my comment. i'm running on the 64 bit i think.

Hmm. I wondered because I'm fairly sure that it was something to do with distance fields that were causing crashes on our play-tester's computer as his is a 32 bit. I just yesterday actually got rid of the distance fields themselves in the name of optimization. It makes creating bodies of water more time consuming, but it is what it is. 

Did the game crash at all? Or just fail to load?

I've also been experiencing random load failure, even when working in engine. It keeps outputting an infinite loop, but the crash logs don't actually point me to anything; just to an 'unknown function.' I've got some ideas as to what it could be, but I've yet to actually pin down the source.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. :p

the game never crashed ( yet ) it just fails to load and then i get this weird broken map camera where i'm halfway thru the ground. recently i found some weird thing where this little menu shows up and locks the screen but i can't get rid off it. (i can't get a good pic of the loading screen freeze.)

I had found that bug too and I think I already fixed it, or I have decreased the frequency it occurs, at least. I'm not 100% what was causing it, but it hasn't happened to me since I played with the code for the player's home. And I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that I have fixed the loading issues on my end as well. 

I intend to throw a hot-fix up later today/early tomorrow since those two bugs in particular are pretty nasty, game-ruining experiences. 

I appreciate the help, by the way. If I could ask, how is the actual gameplay so far? Is it fun? Are there any areas that definitely need improving?

I like to think it's fun, I enjoy as does our play-tester, but we've both been playing it for years now through hundreds of iterations, so our vision could just be tinted. :/