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The changelog for the newest build can be found at the bottom of this description text.

Wind Carrier is an anthropomorphic, adventure rpg set in a realm in which each of your steps may have a massive, unintentional impact on the future of the world.

As you advance, you will learn the secrets of transference; transferring your consciousness forward or backward in time to another being, another host for your power. As a Wind Carrier, your character never really dies, but rather slumbers; seeing all of their power into a newer Wind Carrier when the time is right. You will be able to see the effects of your choices as each iteration brings the world forward a hundred years. You will watch civilizations rise and fall, wars start and end. And if you so choose, you may return to your previous state and right some wrong that you believed was perpetrated, but be wary. Changing the past can have unfathomable effects on the future... and the only choice that can be undone is inaction.

Wind Carrier's minute to minute game-play is set around a combo-based melee combat system, a magic system using cards of multitudes of types to summon beasts and magical effects alike, and directing the advancement of your civilization along with those that you meet along the way.

The game has been in development for just under a year now, and we have made massive strides. It is still within the pre-alpha stage of production, but soon we should be moving onto alpha. Our projected time-frame for this project of this scale is around four or five years at the current pace.

Changelog, 1.1.3

-Added the Wild Carrots material node, produce

-Updated the Fennoc Breath particle system

-Updated the way that random encounters spawn

-Updated most buttons to work 'on hovered' as opposed to 'on click'

-Updated the follower AI to work more consistently

-Updated the game over screen

-Time of day now saves and the nights look a bit more night-like (I'm finally happy with how they look!)

-Added footsteps!

-Added a new team member! Welcome Chris Pelz, playtester.

-Replaced a whole host of incorrect meshes within the world

-Replaced all the stock fire particle effects with ours

-Can no longer walk on the ocean :p

-Added more spawns for creatures that drop hides

-Added scalability options to the pause menu

-Updated the code for card AoE's to allow them to move more nimbly and with more precision

-Updated the starting equipment

-Updated and fixed everything about the shopping and crafting interfaces >.>

Player Updates:

-Can now break down items in the inventory to get their full value in mana crystals

-Added a vanity camera which is used by holding the 'Tab' key

Enemy Updates:

-Increased the chance that creatures that drop loot will also drop materials from 25% to 33%
-Fixed a bug where creatures that couldn't drop anything other than mana crystals and materials wouldn't drop anything at all

-Item drops now spawn slightly above the landscape impact point, minimizing item loss due to clipping

-The 'Stunned' particle system will no longer spawn if a creature is dead already

-Faithless Hound

-Bite attack now does damage properly

-Adjusted hide drop from 2-5 to 1-7

Building Updates

-Added the Builder's Workbench

-spawns a builder with it

-craftable at all crafting stations 

-The building upgrading system has been finished and implemented

-Pear Tree

-Fixed the crafting tooltip to give the proper description.

-Added the Covered Shrine building

-Upgrades from the basic shrine

-Added the Well building

-Added Väädriila, the first temple

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where the starting pear tree would occasionally start at an incorrect scale

-Fixed a few widget text errors. Ex. in the crafting menu, it still read 'Decoration' as opposed to 'Buildings'

-Fixed a dozen or so map tears

-Fixed the collision for spawned buildings

-Fixed the collision for material nodes

-Fixed some typos

-Fixed a bug where sometimes multiple shopkeepers would spawn


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Sir I dont know how to run a game,cuz I usually see the zip files,but in this case the game file is 001 so I have no clue how to run the game, or am I missing something?

Hello, CalledOutForMedic. The part that you downloaded was piece one or a two piece build, but the newest build has just been released and it in only one piece. You should be able to download it from here. If you find anything that you think we should know, please inform us here. And thank you.


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Umm okay thanks,Hey i run the game and it said the program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll is missing from my computer umm so what should i do

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Oh never mind I think i can find the way to solve It mysel